McDull, the Alumni

McDull, the Alumni


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1h 35m 2006 HD

Watch mcdull, the alumni 123Movies. In McDull, the Alumni, our protagonist has grown up. He is no longer the little boy who banters with his mates at school. How he wishes he could just go on bantering all day long with his mates at the renowned Flower on the Spring Field Kindergarten. But that is not to be. Like all grown-ups, he has to grapple with harsh reality. McDull and his mates are scattered all over the place. Each one of them has to find his or her own path. In each of their hearts, they know they have failed. Meanwhile, life goes on in the kindergarten. Someone strums a guitar and the pupils chime in to the song: Puff the magic dragon, lives by the sea… A dragon lives forever, but not so little boys. With hindsight, McDull believes this could well be the maxim of the Flower on the Spring Field Kindergarten alumni.

McDull, the Alumni (2006)
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